Case study: Jatropha Curcas Production – Strategic Research in Asia

The challenge

A Japan-based Fortune Global 500 firm was interested to develop a business plan for entering the renewable energy market in Asia, beginning with Jatropha production.

The objective of the study was to evaluate the investment potential of entering the Jatropha production industry in Asia, with a special focus on Indonesia and East Malaysia.

The process

Spire collected and analyzed data from scientific journals, government publications and trade periodicals. We also conducted in-depth interviews with trade associations, government bodies university research institutes and industry players.

The results

The research findings was disseminated within the client’s organization and will be taken into consideration when the client decides on its next steps towards entering the Asia market.

Project deliverables included a report addressing:

Overview of the fleet cards sector in each country
Profiles of prominent fleet cards providers and their card programs
Analysis of major highways used by commercial fleets, presence of fuel stations along the highways and general fuel card penetration among commercial fleets
Spire’s evaluation on key countries to enter and potential providers which the client can partner/acquire