Case study: Industrial Weighing Systems – Holistic Market Environment Research in Australia and Thailand

The challenge

A leading European manufacturer of industrial weighing and inspection systems intended to grow its existing business in Australia and Thailand.

The objective of the study was to understand the size and nature of each country’s market, so as to formulate a business plan for aggressive growth. 

The process

Spire conducted an analysis of secondary data to understand legal, regulatory and macro-environmental conditions, as well as to identify major customers and suppliers of industrial weighing systems. In-depth interviews were also conducted with large end-customers in each key customer segments, such as meat packing, processed food manufacturing and logistics services.

Our consultants subsequently approached leading suppliers, channels and systems integrators in each market to gain insights into market and industry conditions.

The results

Our clients used Spire’s findings to develop sales targets and business plans for Australia and Thailand.

Project deliverables included:

A comprehensive report analyzing overall addressable market size, size and dynamics for each customer segment, as well as the value-chain structure (addressing the role played by regional distributors and system integrators)
Recommendations for market value proposition, channel and segment targeting