Case study: Hand-held power tools – Market environment research on power tools in Thailand and Indonesia

The challenge

A leading global manufacturer of power tools was developing a business plan to boost sales and market share for power tools in Thailand and Indonesia.

The objectives of the study were to analyze the market for power tools to enable our client to formulate and execute the most successful growth plan possible.

The process
Spire began the research process by conducting expert interviews with trade associations and government bodies to aid in hypothesis formulation, as well as to forecast growth in various vertical segments like construction, wood-working, automotive production and do-it-yourself (DIY).

This was followed by in-depth interviews with power tool distributors and key end-customers (large construction companies and manufacturers) to define purchasing patterns and competitor activity in more detail.

The results
Our client used Spire’s report to develop a new positioning and marketing strategy for its products in Indonesia, which involved reviewing distribution arrangements, pricing and positioning.

Our project report addressed:

Market sizing and forecasting
Customer decision dynamics
Competitor shares
A review of competitor strategies/best practices
The overview of legal/regulatory issues (compliance, import duties)
Value-chain analysis – distribution structure, mark-ups and channel-principal relationships