Case Study: Fuel & Logistics market – Product Design Study on Road Port Users in China

The challenge

One of the global leading companies in the energy industry wanted to review the potential of the fuel market and needs for cargo information service in two of China’s most prominent logistics hubs (road ports) in East China.

Spire was tasked to map the market entry strategy for an international energy company in the following fields:

High quality fuel
Fuel card
Mobile cargo information
Fuel management program to truck fleet, assisted by a mobile IT platform

The objectives of the study were to:

Have a overview of customer segments and market trends
Assess customer behaviors in refuelling
Assess customer needs for fuel cards, mobile cargo information, fuel management and alternative fuels (e.g. electric automobiles)
The process

Spire conducted in-depth face-to-face interviews with three major groups:

Potential customers; such as truck driver owners, truck driver alliance and truck fleet managers
Customer’s customers; such as freight forwarding companies
Customers of the customer’s customers; such as goods owners

Secondary research was carried out as well, and our consultants obtained secondary data from associations or government bodies.

The results

The client used Spire’s data findings and recommended strategies to tailor its products and services to suit specific customer groups and make systematic short-term and long-term development plans.

Project deliverables included a report addressing:

Customer behavior in refuelling and demand for petrol stations at road ports
Customer needs for value-added services, such as fuel cards, fuel management service and freight information on mobile phones
Recommended services and marketing programs targeting different customer groups to enter the desired market