Case study: Foreign Direct Investment – Inward Investment Strategy Formulation and Lead Generation in Asia

The challenge

An agency of the UK government sought to attract companies in Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries to invest in its locality as a European market development hub.

The objective of the engagement was to develop a comprehensive business plan to attract all kinds of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the client’s locality, including sales offices, distribution operations, customer support, manufacturing and R&D activities.

The process

Spire undertook network development efforts, attended trade events, cultivated lead multipliers (government, Venture Capitalists, journalists, etc.) and undertook secondary research to identify potential investor firms. These prospecting efforts relied on both vertical (targeting leaders in sectors of most interest to our client) and horizontal (targeting leading national firms in terms of sales and exports) approaches to lead generation.

Spire engaged interested firms at the senior management level to understand their European strategy, communicate KSPs about the client’s locality and, in the case of qualified leads, arrange meetings with our client’s technical staff for detailed FDI negotiations.

The results

Spire’s activities resulted in new investment and safeguarding projects being attracted into the client’s locality in Europe. We also enabled our client to establish relationships with new mid-term prospects and raised the profile of their locality amongst the business community in Asia.

Project deliverables included the submission of a minimum number of qualified leads per month per country, relationship management with investor leads, regular reports and meetings for strategy formulation as well as advice on the content of sales collaterals and marketing activities in the Asia-Pacific region.