Case study: Fashion Solution for International Express Courier Service – Market Study of Fashion Solution – Asia Pacific, EU, Japan and North America

The challenge

A leading global logistics services provider seek to expand market penetration in express courier services through focusing on fashion apparel, footwear and accessories exported out of Asia Pacific region. The client wanted to achieve an optimal solution design and positioning, via enhancing existing products through bundling various existing and/or new features of service.

The objective of the study was to conduct a market environment research in Asia Pacific (AP) to strategize business expansion in fashion industry vertical.

The process
Spire prepared an analysis of secondary data on the fashion exporting industry in AP to developed countries.

Face-to-face interviews were held with fashion manufactures in AP countries, including China, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Mixed face-to-face interviews and phone interviews were also conducted with fashion brand owners in recipient countries including EU, US and Japan, as well as with the client’s sales manager and director and operational manager in Hong Kong and Japan.

The results
The recommendations of the project were quickly adopted by the client to aid its decision to develop fashion vertical in the industry of international express courier services.

Project deliverables included a report addressing:

Current and future market potential of international express courier services (IECS) for the AP fashion vertical, including trends which may have an impact on growth potential

Understand customer dynamics, needs, structure (origin/destinations) and segmentation, as well as trends that may impact segment potential

Assess the competitive landscape and current express courier service offerings, marketing and messaging

Recommendations for market penetration – country focus, optimal solution design through bundling existing and/or new
features of service, positioning of the new fashion industry solution, marketing approach and selling motions, as well as revenues that can be feasibly targeted

Recommendations on which country to shortlist for in-depth analysis