Case Study: Energy Sector – Market Assessment for CNG usage in Indonesia

The challenge

The largest state-owned enterprise for oil and gas in Indonesia intended to assess the feasibility to roll out Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to public transport vehicles as an alternative to switch from subsidized petrol.

The objectives of the study were to conduct a market feasibility study in Indonesia, including market sizing (usage of subsidized petrol from public transport vehicle that would be that would be converted to CNG), current demand for CNG and forecasting, as well as benefits to all stakeholders involved in this industry.

The process

Spire commenced the study by conducting professional interviews with current CNG industry players and 800 public transport owners spread in five cities in Indonesia. This was in collaboration with Spire’s experts, with over 30 years experience in CNG industry combined.

The results

Project deliverables included:

Overall landscape, Indonesia situation
Market size of potential CNG users (new and switch from subsidized petrol)
Response from potential user, including area prioritizing
Feasibility, benefit and return on investment (ROI) calculation for each stakeholder involved