Case study: Electrical distribution products – Holistic market environment research in eight Australasian countries

The challenge

A leading global supplier in the electrical solutions space sought to develop an aggressive new business plan for eight markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

The objectives of the study were to understand the size and potential of each country market, grasp the market dynamics in terms of regulations, customers, channels and competitors, and recommend the broad business plan for each country.

The process
Spire conducted secondary research to define the major competitors and large-scale customers in each country as well as to grasp legal, regulatory and macro-environmental issues.

Interviews were also conducted with electrical and electronics trade associations, regulatory bodies as well as major suppliers in each market.

Our consultants also held interviews with supply chain players (e.g. electrical system integrators, distributors, retailers )and large end-customers (e.g. developers, telecom operators and electrical authorities).

The results
Our client used Spire’s analysis to develop business plans and sales targets for each country market.

Our consulting team was closely involved in the initial brainstorming with our client’s local offices in some of these markets.

Project deliverables included recommendations on product positioning and market entry strategies that were customized to each vertical segment in each country – e.g. telecommunications carriers, property developers and public sector bodies.