Case study: Education – Market Environment Research on the Australian Education Market in Singapore

The challenge

A government-related organization involved in the promotion of Australian education in Singapore was seeking customer usage insights to help Australian educational institutes position themselves better.

The objectives of the study were to:

Understand the perception of Australian education in the higher education and vocational education training sector
Gauge the market share that Australian education possess in Singapore and assess competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in terms of customers’ perceptions and promotional activities
Understand the factors that impact the decision making process of choosing international and transnational education
Provide strategic recommendations to position and promote Australian education (both international and transnational) in the higher education and vocational education training sector
The process

Spire held focus group discussions and conducted phone and online surveys with students in Singapore. Interviews with Singapore-based foreign government embassies or agencies in-charge of education, education agencies, private institutions providing overseas qualification were also held.

The results

Our analysis served as important inputs to help our client decide on the market position strategies.

Project deliverables included a report addressing:

Ecosystem of the Australian education market
Market share of Australian education in both higher education and vocation education sectors
Factors crucial to the decision making process of choosing location and nationality of education
Information channels that students, decision makes and influencers used
Analysis of customers’ perceived competitors’ strengths and weaknesses