Case study: Edible nuts – Market Environment Research and Strategy Development for Edible Nuts in Southeast Asia

The challenge

After seeing consistent growth in the US and European markets, an American trade association supporting the nut industry turned its attention to the burgeoning markets in Southeast Asia (SEA).Spire was tasked to support its development of a business plan to boost sales in Southeast Asia.

The objective of the study was to determine the position of the trade in SEA, so as to better equip our client to defend and increase volume sales and market share vis-à-vis substitute food products.

The process

After gaining an overview of the nut industry in Asia through secondary research, Spire conducted in-depth interviews with participants involved in the edible nut value chain, including importers of raw nuts, food manufacturers, retailers and bakery store operators in the food service industry, as well as exporters outside the US. Simultaneously, consumer surveys were also conducted via street intercepts at major shopping centers or retail districts frequented mainly by middle and high income consumers, in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

The results

Our client used Spire’s report to review its level of advertising and promotion investment in Southeast Asia and adjust marketing activities so as to optimally address opportunities in key segments.

Project deliverables included:

An analysis of snack-food value chain characteristics in each country, competitive success factors in marketing to the trade (bakeries, manufacturers, etc.)
Spire’s recommendations on marketing activities yielding the best return on investment (ROI)