Case study: Diesel Generators – Market Environment Research in Malaysia and China

The challenge

A leading manufacturer of industrial equipment sought to reposition its products in the diesel generator set markets in China and Malaysia to boost sales, market share and profitability.

The objective of the study was to analyze the China and Malaysia markets for diesel generator sets, in order to develop a successful market growth strategy for each country.

The process

Spire performed secondary research to identify appropriate primary interview targets and develop initial hypotheses about the diesel generator market for primary validation. This was followed by interviews with diesel generator distributors and main contractors, to develop data for market size, forecast, trend and competitor analysis.

We also contacted customers of diesel generators to extract information on demand patterns. The interviews usually included a visit to one or more sites of installed generators to gain first-hand understanding.

The results

Based on Spire’s recommendations, our client developed a new positioning and marketing strategy for its products. They also gained sales leads generated from the research.

Project deliverables included:

A holistic market environment report that addressed market sizing and the feasibility of market entry for the diesel generator market in China and Malaysia
Regulatory conditions, competitive environment analysis, product pricing, customer decision dynamics and recommended marketing strategies for each country