Case study: Crystal market – Value Chain Research and Consumer FGD Study for the Crystal Market In Indonesia

The challenge

The client was one of the famous companies known for its luxurious range of precision-cut lead crystal glass and related products. Its crystal component business was looking to expand its market, especially in the jewelry and Moslem wear segments in Indonesia.

The objectives of the study were to:

B2B approach

Understand the industry value chain
Obtain data base of key players and influencers
Understand market segments, skills and technology


B2C approach

Understand the market potential for crystal application
Understand consumer purchase behavior
Understand usage and attitude
Identify motivator and barriers
The process

B2B research

Value chain analysis for jewellery and Moslem wear segments (two teams were tasked to expedite research progress, whilst anticipating different type of value chain in different segments).
Activities covered:
Desk research (include online and fashion magazine in Bahasa)
Expert Association interview
Spire’s network to directly identify crystal suppliers in the jewelry and Moslem wear value chain
Attending related fashion / jewelry shows


B2C Research: Qualitative research (FGD) for jewelry segment

FGD conducted in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, with two sessions per city


The results

The client used Spire’s data findings and actionable recommendations to deploy its strategic and tactics for expanding its crystal market.

Project deliverables included a report that addressed:

Indonesia’s current country structure, as well as determining potential market from macro-outlook
Industry’s current value chain and acquiring databases of key players and influencers
Industry’s current level of technology and skill and database of suppliers in key areas
Customers' behavior, usage, attitude, motivator and barriers