Case study: Critical Power and Cooling Solutions – Holistic Market Environment Research on Uninterruptible Power supply and Data Center Air-Conditioning Markets in China

The challenge

A Fortune 500 manufacturer of critical power and cooling solutions sought to grow its market share of its core product categories in China.

The objective of the study was to conduct a holistic analysis on the entire market for uninterruptible power supply and computer room/data center air-conditioning in China. This is particularly so for the customer and geographic segmentation in each product category, so as to recommend suitable strategies for business expansion.

The process
After an initial phase of secondary research to identify interview targets and develop initial hypotheses about the market, Spire held interviews with industry experts, which included industry trade associations and regulatory bodies. In-depth interviews were also conducted with leading manufacturers and regional distributors of critical power and cooling solutions, so that current sales data, forecasts and opinions about the market can be extracted.

Simultaneously, interviews were also held with end-users and influencers of purchase decisions for critical power and cooling solutions.

The results
Our client used Spire’s report to develop a successful business plan that enabled it to enhance its market position.

Project deliverables included market sizing and forecasts, pricing analysis, competitor shares, competitor analysis, as well as recommendations on marketing and sales strategies for optimal competitor threat response.