Case study: Crane Industry Study – Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Study in Asia Pacific

The challenge

A world leading crane manufacturer would like to evaluate the customer satisfaction Index (CSI) of their customers, after four weeks of using the crane. Through this project, the client hoped to gather insights and improve the quality as well as service level in the Asia Pacific region.

The objective of the study was to measure and track dealer direct customer and end-user satisfaction levels on a monthly basis.

The process

Spire conducted phone interviews with direct customers and end-users on a daily basis. Weekly update meeting were also held with the quality control management team of the crane company and local field performance engineers. In addition, Spire practised real-time communication with local field performance engineers to highlight urgent customer needs identified via the survey.


The results

Spire’s CSI survey greatly enhanced the quality and service level towards customers, and had resulted in large cost-savings.

Project deliverables included:

Bi-weekly survey report to enable real-time follow up action
Monthly tracking CSI report