Case study: Commercial Credit Card Solutions – New Product Concept Evaluation in Hong Kong

The challenge

A leading financial services provider intended to launch a novel commercial transaction card targeted at the logistics sector in Hong Kong. It sought to assess the likely scale of market demand and potential customers’ receptiveness towards the offering. 

The objective of the study was to assess the immediate and long-term potential for a business card targeted at Hong Kong’s logistics sector. This would allow the client to identify attractive SME customer segments, determine desirable product features and generate positive reception among customers.

The process

Spire commenced the study with secondary research and expert interviews to map and size the relevant logistics segments, as well as to understand the competitive offerings in the market.

This was followed by a program of in-depth interviews with logistics service providers and potential customers of the new card solution. These aimed to elicit insights on their current payables and receivables processes as well as to seek feedback on the client’s intended value proposition.


The results

Spire’s findings enabled our client to implement a successful pilot test of the new product with a small, targeted group of customers for further evaluation prior to national and regional launches.

Project deliverables included:

A sizing of the total addressable market for carding of financial transactions by logistics service providers, broken down by customer segments
An analysis of desirable product features and pricing sweet spots
Recommendations for customer relationship management