Case study: Color Ultrasound Devices – Strategic Research for Ultrasound Devices in China

The challenge

A leading global medical devices manufacturer was seeing slow growth in sales and sought to reposition its color ultrasound devices for the cardiology, obstetrics & gynecology (O&G) and neurology segments in China.

The objectives of the study were to assess market size, growth, competition, pricing and purchasing dynamics for color ultrasound in China vis-à-vis black and white ultrasound. These findings would support Spire in developing a comprehensive proposal to reposition the product.

The process

Spire undertook secondary research through published articles, scientific journals, as well as data on government rules and regulations.

Our consultants commenced on-site interviews with dealers, distributors and manufacturers of medical diagnostic devices across China, so as to develop hypotheses about the market. Utilizing these insights, face-to-face interviews were then conducted with purchasing decision makers (clinical and financial) in hospitals across eight cities in China – primarily heads of department for cardiology, O&G and neurology as well as hospital administration/finance managers.

We also interviewed provincial health bureaus to extract more information on the specifics of the purchase process.

The results
Our findings were presented to our client’s Vice-President for Greater China and were used to establish sales quotas and budget for color ultrasound market development in mainland China.

Project deliverables included:

Market sizing in volume and value
Forecasted growth
Breakdown by price bracket, geographic region and application
Competitor shares
Segmentation by grade of hospital
Forecasted growth trajectory and profiles of five major competitors