Case study: Clean Room Engineering – Strategic Research for Clean Room Construction in Singapore

The challenge

A Fortune 500 Japanese engineering and construction firm wanted to allocate sales and marketing resources to the Singapore clean room market for business expansion. However, it had to first secure internal support from its relevant departments.

Spire was tasked to secure vital information to aid in our client’s proposal. The objectives of the study were to analyze the potential of the clean room market in Singapore and recommend strategies for the sales and marketing teams.

The process

Spire conducted secondary data analysis to forecast growth prospects in Singapore’s clean room market in specific vertical sectors such as electronics, petro-chemicals, life sciences and food processing. Our consultants held interviews with the relevant public sector agencies, clean room engineering contractors and their customers, especially production engineers in pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and other manufacturing industries.

The results

Our client used Spire’s report to develop a business proposal that succeeded in allocating sufficient budget for implementing marketing and sales strategies to expand its business in Singapore.

Project deliverables included:

Analysis of the market size and growth potential of the clean room engineering industry
Analysis of competitive success factors, customer decision dynamics and recommended marketing and sales strategies