Case study: Automotive – Mystery shopping study to evaluate service quality of sales force

The challenge

An American multinational automaker in Vietnam, which owned one of the largest investment capital projects in the country, viewed customer service quality as a key performance metric. The client considered its dealers’ sale force as a key success factor in affecting this metric, and had been training Sale Consultants (SCs) at its dealers for years. As such, the client wanted to study the customer service quality and sales service quality of the dealers.

The objectives of the study were to:

Maintain customer service quality at high standards
Gain an understanding of customers’ assessment of the service quality and offer recommendations for improvement
The process

Spire recruited shoppers who were actually shopping for cars or had past experience of car purchase, and ensured that shoppers:-

Understood the shopping checklist
Possessed and displayed good product knowledge in line with market norms
Taped every conversation

A mystery shopping study was conducted to assess the customer service quality and sales service quality of the dealers. A detailed report was submitted to the client weekly, where the client could identify areas for improvement for its dealers.

The results

The client used Spire’s report to improve the quality of customer service in dealers and to spur growth of sales. Assessment and feedback from shoppers had helped to identify the SCs’ strengths and weaknesses, and pointed to relevant training for them to improve.

Spire’s report addressed shoppers’ assessment of the customer service quality at the dealers after each sales visit. Our report also set out practical, inexpensive and feasible recommendations for improvement.