Case study: Car audio – Customer satisfaction study for standard car audio in Malaysia and Indonesia

The challenge

A leading Japanese car audio manufacturer operating in Thailand sought to understand the satisfaction level of Malaysian and Indonesian car owners with their standard car audio products as well as consumer plans on car audio purchasing.

The objectives of the study were to understand customer satisfaction levels on standard car audio and obtain inputs from motorists regarding the ideal specifications of car audio.

The process
Spire conducted face-to-face interviews with car owners in several big cities in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The results
Our client used Spire’s report for performance measurement purposes and as inputs in designing and developing new products to better meet customers’ needs and wants.

Project deliverables included:

An analysis of customers’ satisfaction level, needs and wants,
Entertainment Media (CD, DVD, MP3, etc.) usage behavior
Consumers’ awareness of possible car audio add-on features (e.g. Bluetooth, navigation system, etc.)