Case study: Business Opportunities in Strategic Sectors – Sector Trend Analysis in Emerging Asian Countries for Business Opportunity Realization

The challenge

An European government agency facilitating the internationalization of its economy sought to promote the relevance of emerging Asian countries to local companies by providing information on future trends and opportunities in the region; be it from an export, investment or sourcing perspective.

The objective of the study was to:

Provide a future perspective on sectors with the greatest business potential within Asia, while taking into consideration the strengths of the sectors in the client’s locality
Identify opportunities and formulate strategic recommendations for the internationalisation of domestic firms in Asia
The process

Spire conducted intensive secondary research to consolidate intelligence on a broad spectrum of sectors across all the countries concerned. Hypotheses concerning current and future market potential were developed.

In-depth interviews with investment promotion agencies (IPAs), government bodies, sector-specific experts and key industry players in each country were then conducted to validate and develop these hypotheses. Spire ultimately integrated country-specific findings and analysis to provide strategic recommendations on a regional level.

The results

Spire’s findings were used to inform the business development strategy of our client as well as educate companies from its region on business opportunities in Asia. Spire presented its findings to a large audience as well in the client’s locality in Europe. Its reports were also been translated and circulated to relevant European firms.

Project deliverables included a series of reports that:

Analyzed trends in specific sectors ranging from biotechnology and automotive to textiles and electronics
Defined the relevance of these sectors to firms in the client’s European locality