Case study: Biscuits – Strategic Market Entry and Partner Selection Research in China

The challenge

A leading Asian producer of sugar confectionery products had been exporting to the burgeoning China market and was considering launching biscuit products to expand its market presence.

The objectives of the study were to:

Assess the potential of the biscuit industry in China to ensure a successful launch of the client’s products
Identify and recommend suitable business partners in advertising, packaging and distribution
The process

Spire undertook secondary research to understand the overall market environment and trends for the snack food market in China, in particular, biscuits. Our consultants identified and screened potential partners for branding, packaging design, advertising and distribution.

Mystery shopping and retail observations further enabled a better understand of market pricing, promotional and placement strategies of incumbent competitors. Based on our client’s brief, focus group discussions were also conducted with middle-income consumers in Shanghai and Guangzhou to identify snack preferences and elicit feedback on the proposed product concept, packaging, prices and brand names.

The results

Spire’s findings and recommendations enabled our client to decide on its positioning, pricing and preferred channels for market outreach. Spire’s recommendations for potential partners also enabled our client to implement a swift go-to-market execution.

Project deliverables included:

Profiles of recommended business partners, assessment of consumer attitudes towards the new product vis-à-vis competing products
An analysis of the strategies of successful brands.