Case study: Benchmarking Private Sector Best Practices – Regional Management Best Practices of MNCs in Asia-Pacific

The challenge

A public sector agency in Asia sought to gain insights on how multi-national companies (MNCs) in the region structured their regional management functions. The research would be provided to its domestic companies to help them operate more efficiently and effectively in the Asia-Pacific.

The objectives of the study were to understand the regional organization structure, management and control practices prevalent among leading international firms operating in the region, as well as to glean insights on these companies’ business strategies and the companies’ views on Asia’s potential.

The process

Spire undertook a two-staged process for this engagement. In the first stage, suitable companies were identified for benchmarking. In the second stage, the operations and strategies of these companies were researched using publicly available data sources.

The results

Spire’s report was used to assist companies from our client’s home country in implementing organizational improvement and Asian expansion plans.

Project deliverables included a report outlining:

The types of organization structure prevalent among leading MNCs in Asia
Their broad human resource practices and business strategies
Their outlook on Asia’s business climate