Case study: Automotive parts logistics – Automotive supply chain management improvement consulting in Indonesia

The challenge

A leading global motorcycle manufacturer in Japan intended to give a face-lift to its Indonesian arm’s supply chain management, so as to lower costs and increase customer satisfaction as well as scalability.

The objectives of the study were to:

Analyze the current supply chain
Benchmark against industry role models
Recommend a plan for improving efficiency
The process

Spire conducted interviews with logistics service providers and our client’s own local offices to extract information on industry trends and best practices in auto parts supply chain management (SCM).

The results
Our client used Spire’s report to develop a joint plan for SCM improvement. The plan had been successful in meeting demand and containing costs in the explosively growing motorcycle market in Indonesia.

Project deliverables included a report that:

Mapped the supply chain for bikes and parts
Benchmarked global auto industry SCM leaders to identify gaps in our client’s performance
Included Spire’s recommendation of a three-year plan to introduce new practices, technology and processes to improve our client’s SCM