Case study: Auto Assembly Line Tools – Market Validation Study in China

The challenge

A leading auto assembly tool manufacturer faced a flat-line in sales. It sought to boost shipments and increase market share for hand-held tools used in automotive assembly in the China market – a critical geographic segment. The objectives of the study were to conduct an independent analysis on the auto assembly line tool market in China in order to confirm the company’s internal findings, obtain additional competitive intelligence and unlock insights for new growth possibilities.

The process

Spire conducted secondary research on current market conditions to source for key local market players. Interviews with trade associations and relevant government bodies were carried out to support the analysis and to determine the top five competitors. Spire then researched these organizations and mapped their current infrastructure. Further information was extracted from direct customers and assembly tool integrators.

The results

At the conclusion of the project, Spire was able to confirm some market suspicions as well as identify key competitive gaps that our client subsequently addressed in order to win market share.

Project deliverables included:

Determination of China’s potential market size
SWOT assessment of the client’s business vis-à-vis competitors
In-depth competitor analysis of the top five companies in the auto assembly industry