Spire Research and Consulting has undertaken over 1000 projects across 100 Asia Pacific countries as well as the emerging market regions of Russia, the Middle East and Latin America. Our experience spans over 12 industry sectors as well as a broad range of projects from general market growth and market entry studies to customer, competitor, channel and pricing research. Most of our clients have engaged Spire for multiple projects – repeat business accounts for well over 80% of our revenue. We are proud to be associated with many successful market growth and entry initiatives – our client’s success is our key performance indicator.

We invite you to learn more about how our work has positively impacted our client’s business, by clicking on the case studies below. We welcome your feedback at info@spireresearch.com.


Automotive – Mystery shopping study to evaluate service quality of sales force

Automotive parts logistics – Automotive supply chain management improvement consulting in Indonesia

Automotive parts logistics – Market entry study for ASEAN distribution centre

Automotive price tracking – Passenger car tire price tracking study in Singapore and Korea

Car audio – Customer satisfaction study for standard car audio in Malaysia and Indonesia

Outboard motor – Market entry study in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam

Building & Construction

Cement – Distribution network and channel development study in Indonesia

Electrical Discharge Machines (EDMs) – Holistic Market Environment Research in 5 Asia-Pacific countries

Electrical distribution products – Holistic market environment research in eight Australasian countries

Hand-held power tools – Market environment research on power tools in Thailand and Indonesia

Security fixtures – Customer and distributor research in six Asia-Pacific countries

Silicone sealants – Holistic market environment Research in Vietnam

Chemicals & Materials

Cement – Distribution network and channel development study in Indonesia

Commodity plastics – Strategic research in Asia

Forestry products – Market potential assessment for Spruce-Pine-Fir lumber in China

Organo-silanes – Partner selection research in China

Signage media – Market environment research in ASEAN

Silicone sealants – Holistic market environment Research in Vietnam

Consumer Products

Crystal market – Value chain research and consumer focus group discussions study for crystal market In Indonesia

Direct selling industry – Market environment research on direct selling industry in Indonesia

Market sizing, market segmentation, and customer usage and attitude study

Rechargeable batteries – Market sizing study (Singapore)

Retail entry and acquisition – Market study of the retail industry

Water filters market – Market and customer insight study for water filters in Malaysia


District energy systems – Market entry study in Asia

Energy sector – Market assessment for CNG usage in Indonesia

Fuel and logistics market – Product design study on road port users in China

Jatropha curcas production – Market entry study in Asia

Oil and gas market – Downstream oil and gas industry research in China

Financial services

Commercial credit card solutions – New product concept evaluation in Hong Kong

Contactless micro-payment card – The concept and market of micropayment for e-commerce in Indonesia

Leasing – Strategic research of leasing market In Aceh

Renovation loans – Strategic market entry research in Singapore

Unsecured consumer credit – Strategic business review for consumer credit product in Singapore

Blockchain – Blockchain-based trade platform partner selection study

Food & Beverages and Agriculture

Biscuits – Strategic market entry and partner selection research in China

Edible nuts – Market environment research and strategy development for edible nuts in Southeast Asia

Infant nutrition – Competitor benchmarking for baby food products in Indonesia

Mixed alcoholic beverages – Market entry study for premium craft beer in China

Raisins – Market environment research, strategy audit and consulting in Asia

Specialty maltose syrup – Holistic market environment research in China


Benchmarking private sector best practices – Regional management best practices of MNCs in Asia-Pacific

Business opportunities in strategic sectors – Sector trend analysis in emerging Asian countries for business opportunity realization

Education – Market environment research on the Australian education market in Singapore

Food exports – Food export promotion strategy in Southeast Asia

Foreign direct investment – Inward investment strategy formulation and lead generation in Asia

Processed foods – Market Environment Research and strategy consulting for a Japanese prefecture government promoting exports into Singapore

Industrial Products & Services

Auto assembly line tools – Market validation study in China

Clean room engineering – Strategic research for clean room construction in Singapore

Crane industry study – Customer satisfaction index (CSI) study in Asia Pacific

Diesel generators – Market environment research in Malaysia and China

Light-emitting diode (LED) industry – Value chain analysis, customer decision-making dynamics analysis and customer database formation for LED street lighting market

Industrial weighing systems – Holistic market environment research in Australia and Thailand

Surge protection devices – Holistic market environment research in eight Asia-Pacific countries

Information Communication & Technology

Critical power and cooling solutions – Holistic market environment research on uninterruptible power supply and data center air-conditioning markets in China

External hard disk drives – Study of consumer buying behavior for external hard disk drive launch in China

Mobile printing – Mobile printing market evaluation in Singapore

Office automation channels – Research to support major channel expansion in China

PC channels – Consumer IT retail tracking study in Asia-Pacific

Telecommunications co-location – Market entry and feasibility study in Indonesia

Life Sciences

Color ultrasound devices – Strategic research for ultrasound devices in China

Laparoscopic and GI Endoscopic equipment – Channel research study in ASEAN (specifically Singapore)

Medical garments – Market sizing and customer dynamics study on disposable surgical gowns and drapes

Medical reagents – Strategic business review for diagnostic reagents

Over-the-counter medicine – Channel research and value chain analysis on cold and flu medicine in Indonesia

Pharmaceuticals – Demand dynamics and market sizing study – Southeast Asia


Air cargo hub – Market entry study for air cargo hub in Malaysia

Fashion solution for international express courier service – Market study of fashion solution – Asia Pacific, EU, Japan and North America

Import and export taxation – Trade tax analysis to aid international procurement decisions

Logistics insurance – Market potential study for logistics insurance in Indonesia

Material handling systems – Holistic market environment research in South Korea

Supply chain process management (SCPM) software – SCPM software market entry study in Thailand and Singapore

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