Case Studies

Spire’s experience is largely skewed towards 12 key industry clusters in emerging markets. Within each of these clusters, Spire possesses a solid track record of projects spanning across product categories, countries and business scenarios. The Spire team also includes individuals with academic training and/or career experience related to each specific industry. Lastly, we draw upon an outstanding network of advisors and experts with technical and business experience in each industry cluster.

We invite you to explore the different industry categories below for more information on or published case studies in specific industries.

Our experience spans over 12 industry sectors as well as a broad range of projects from general market growth and market entry studies to customer, competitor, channel and pricing research. Most of our clients have engaged Spire for multiple projects – repeat business accounts for well over 80% of our revenue. We are proud to be associated with many successful market growth and entry initiatives – our client’s success is our key performance indicator.