SBF webinar on Indonesia’s Digital Transformation in Education

October 26, 2022

Spire Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey Bahar, discusses the Indonesian government’s focus on Edtech for its digital transformation at a SBF webinar.

The Singapore Business Federation, SBF, held the webinar – Embark and Sustain Your Business Journey in Indonesia – on 26 October 2022. Opened to the public, the webinar discussed digital transformation in the education sector.

Industry 4.0 and the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of Indonesia’s education sector. In the Ministry of Education and Culture’s road map for the next 15 years, there are plans to improve the quality of learning as well as digital transformation of education. The Indonesian government declares that Edtech is one of the strategic industries that will drive the country’s digital economy forward. In addition, the private sector is also making use of available business opportunities to fill the gap in Indonesia’s educational needs in this age of technological disruption.

Spire Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey Bahar, shared that Edtech companies supported more than 2,160 educational institutions and serve more than 9.7 million students and individual users across Indonesia in 2020. He also revealed that the top three product categories offered by Edtech in Indonesia are Learning Management System (LMS), Online Learning Courses, and Career Development/Vocational Online Learning, respectively.

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