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Increase paper use in offices Media

Business Times
26 August 2005

Paper use up for 51% of firms in last 2 yrs: survey

Companies in Singapore appear to be paying lip service to going paperless, reports an article in the Business Times on 26 Aug 05 (pg 10). This comes from findings in the recent survey on paper consumption in Singapore, conducted by Spire.

The telephone survey covered 100 companies in May and June last this year. Only 12 per cent of offices here noticed a drop in their paper consumption in the last two years, but 51 per cent said their paper consumption had increased. It also found that 37 per cent of the firms had maintained their paper consumption at the same level in the last two years. 

Factors that drive paper consumption mentioned include:

IT because it enables the creation and sharing of more data within business processes. And for cultural reasons and partly for legal reasons, much of the data has to be consumed in hard copy form rather than soft copy.

Finance and accounts because of a legal requirement that hard copies of accounting records had to be kept for at least seven years

Government departments and courts because they still recognize only
hard copies and “wet” signatures”.

Only 12 per cent of the companies said they have some form of guidelines governing the use of paper, the rest allow employees to use as much as they need.

Mr Leon Perera, Spire’s Managing Group Director, expressed his doubts that paperless implementations are likely to be global as yet. “Striving towards paperlessness is impractical and overly restricting paper use may be counterproductive.”

However, the increase of paper consumption at companies here may not have translated to a boom for the paper-retailing industry. Singapore’s imports of paper fell to 26 per cent in 2003 to 167,554 tonnes and only edged up nearly 2 per cent last year to 170,174 tonnes. Senior research executive, Japnit Singh saidthis is probably due to the decline in number of corporate entities, dragged down by the economic slowdown in previous years. But going ahead, the demand for paper is expected to increase. The retail prices of paper, however, will remain fairly stable.


1 September 2005

Increased paper use in offices

Instead of going paperless with technology, firms here buck the trend. The article from Today on 1 Sept 05 (pg 8 ) discusses the recent survey of 100 companies in Singapore conducted by Spire.

51 respondents saw an increase in paper consumption in the past two years, while 37 firms said they did not see any change. Only 12 noticed a drop.

The companies’ paper purchasing behaviour was similar irrespective of the size of the organization, even though the staff strength varied from less than 30 to over 100 workers.

Companies with paper conserving measures in place were motivated — not by environmental concerns — but by the goal of meeting ISO standards. Or, they were directed to do so by the head offices for multinational companies.

Record keeping in the finance and accounting departments has surfaced as the biggest culprit — 27 offices in the survey pointed out that was where their biggest consumption of paper took place. 

Mr Leon Perera, group managing director of Spire Research and Consulting Group was quoted: “In recent years there has a lot of activity around document management and creating a paperless office. We expect paper use to go down because of new technology but what is happening now is paper usage is going up. The key for companies is to reduce paper wastage and to ensure that suppliers of paper are practicing sustainable paper production.”


Human Resources
23 September 2005

Paper is here to stay

Human Resources magazine reported on 23 Sep 05 (pg 9) that paper consumption in Singapore is rising at a steady pace with information from Spire’s survey.

The article touches on the increase in paper consumption in Singapore offices.
Figures prove that even with the digitization of content, document management software and sophisticated printer and copier management systems, paper consumption is still growing in tandem with these technologies.

Biggest paper users include:

Finance and accounting
Government departments and courts
Marketing and sales

Operations and administration

While a paperless office is not a feasible option, Leon Perera, managing director of Spire Research and Consulting group suggests that there are ways to reduce paper consumption by “…implementing policies such as promoting doublesided printing, printing several slides to a page for PowerPoint files and establishing guidelines on when printing in colour is permissible.”

The focus is that paper users in the office should eliminate wasteful paper use,
not all paper use.


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