How women in IP and expiring IP can make a difference

Apr 26, 2023 – As we celebrate World IP Day 2023, there are two dimensions of the international IP arena that deserves mention.

One is the important role that women should play in the creation of IP. Numerous studies have shown that women make a vital contribution to business and that companies that have gender-diverse leadership teams tend to perform better across most metrics. In my own 25 year long experience in the corporate world, I have found women leaders to be perhaps more creative, empathetic and detail-oriented. It is my hope that more women convert their great ideas into IP, so as to turn innovative thinking into sustainable economic value-creation engines. It is very important that governments and not-for-profits support women innovators in this endeavour.

Secondly, many companies that have created IP – from drug patents to some of Disney’s animated characters – will see their IP expire very soon. This opens up opportunities for other companies to make use of this IP. Hopefully this wave of IP expiries will unleash more entrepreneurial activity that will lower prices, increase access to good products and demonstrate that IP regimes can be fair and open.

Leon Perera, Chairman & Co-founder, Spire Research and Consulting

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