Hit and miss of beauty ambassador strategy

12 May 2023

Spire consultant, Nurul Jannah, sheds light on the strategy of appointing beauty ambassadors in Indonesia.

The beauty and skincare industry in Indonesia is growing rapidly, especially with young consumers entering the market. With many of these young consumers being loyal fans of Korean artists, some Indonesian cosmetic companies appointed popular Korean artists as their brand ambassadors.

This strategy, however, did not sit well with some Indonesians, who feel that there is no connection between the Indonesians and Koreans, in terms of skin type and skin tone. This strategy raised doubts of the products’ effectiveness for Indonesians.

Several cosmetic companies, including Avoskin, made changes to their ambassador strategy by also appointing Indonesian artists to endorse their products.

It is important to do market research to understand the market and consumer base before creating a marketing strategy. The right strategy, backed by good research data, would save money and time, and increase market reach and market share.

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