Growing yoghurt industry in Indonesia

20 April 2022

Spire Consultant, Putu Intan Pratiwi Wisnawa, shares insights on the yoghurt industry in Indonesia with TechnoBusiness.

The COVID-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on healthy living, causing a boost in health products such as dairy. Yoghurt, in particular, has become increasingly popular, with consumption of yoghurt making up 28% of total consumption of dairy products. This is due to yoghurt’s image as a health product with many nutrients as well as the diversity of products and range of uses, from consumption to cosmetics.

Yoghurt received extra attention because of the many food recipe videos on social media featuring it, and its applicability in the beauty industry as an exfoliator. Its convenience and practicality combined with its purported health benefits and diverse uses led to its rising popularity.

There is hope that increasing yoghurt consumption will lead to continuing focus on healthy lifestyles. This attention on yoghurt has created opportunities for processed yoghurt innovation in the yoghurt industry.

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