For every child, an education

November 20, 2023 – Our children will shape the future of the world, and yet so many of them may not live to see that future, because of poverty, violence, and discrimination.

We can, and must, do more to provide quality and inclusive education for children, including in Asia Pacific, home to more than 580 million children, or one quarter of the world’s youngest. Out of 241 million born in low-income countries, 50 million primary and secondary school-aged children are unable to attend school, while more than 21 million are illiterate.

Spire is committed to and taking an active part in supporting children’s rights through meaningful, impact-driven projects to improve their education and health.

Let this day be a celebration and a reminder of children’s rights to live a safe and happy life, all around the world.

#ForEveryChild, Every Right!

Yogi Priyantoro, Advisor, Spire Research and Consulting

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