Flippin’ good time at CSR activity

December 02, 2022

In early December 2022, Spire Singapore was thrilled to be able to resume its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity with the Singapore Children’s Society (SCS). Spire has partnered with the SCS on fun outings with their beneficiaries for many years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

When measures were relaxed in third quarter of 2022, Prata Journey – a history lesson and fun hands-on flipping of prata – was this year’s chosen activity.

Spire staff and SCS beneficiaries were treated to an afternoon of fun lessons and pop quiz on the origins of roti prata, an Indian flatbread dish. The dish is said to originate from Chenai, India. Called roti prata in Singapore and roti chenai in Malaysia, it can also be found in many Southeast Asian countries.

Participants also got to try their hand at making prata. The afternoon ended with an early dinner of local dishes and – you guessed it – prata. It was smiles and full stomachs all around for our first CSR event after 2 years!

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