Eldex Asia 2022 – Korea Knowledge Pill

  • Due to the rise of the digital healthcare market triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for digital elderly care services in Korea continues to rise. 
  • In 2020, SK Telecom, Korea’s largest mobile carrier, launched a voice recognition AI speaker called NUGU to provide 24-hour home digital care service. NUGU allows elderly people to easily access information with voice commands and contact others when needed. 
  • Technology giant Naver launched an artificial intelligence-based call service for the elderly living alone. The Clova AI contact center solution is operated by its AI technology, Hyperclova, which calls and checks users’ eating habits, sleep patterns, and potential health problems. 
  •  Even though the AI solution is not a real person, seniors are satisfied with their emotional aspects, such as talking on a device. Twenty local governments introduced Naver’s AI call service, citing the effect of resolving loneliness and social isolation of the elderly. 
  • KT Corporation, the second-largest wireless carrier in South Korea, provides elderly care services using an AI speaker called “Giga Genie”. KT plans to create a “Giga Genie AI Human” by combining virtual humans of “Giga Genie” in collaboration with Deep Brain AI. Currently, there are only predetermined words such as on Internet videos, but KT’s GiGA Genie AI Human can continue to talk to real people. 

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