Eldex Asia 2022 – Japan Knowledge Pill

  • With a ”super-aged” population, the government aims to create an “age-free society” where older people are able to demonstrate their abilities and continue to work. The maintenance of healthy lifestyles and enhancing workplaces is important.
  • Technological innovations and developments, or agetech, are used to help the elderly continue to live as before. Medical technology and high-tech senior care enable a high quality of life for the elderly.
  • Agetech helps patients and caregivers. Companies such as Aikomi and PARO use technology to help patients with cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. There are also robots designed to ease loneliness, such as OHaNAS and Robi Jr.
  • Agetech is also used in assisted living for practical functions, like lifting and mobility support.
  • Wellbeing can also be monitored through IoT, which allows those with chronic conditions or the elderly to be watched over to ensure safety. For example, Mitsufuji manufactures smart clothing materials that allow for the tracking of key health metrics.
  • With all of these rapid high-tech developments, Japan is a good testing ground for elder-centric products and innovations.

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