Digital literacy for MSMEs in Indonesia

3 November 2021

Spire Consultant, Nur Asiah Ayu Tri Jaya, discusses the importance of digital literacy for MSMEs in Indonesia with TechnoBusiness.

Faced with the decline in market demand during the Covid-19 pandemic, many micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia switched to digital media and got on digital platforms to maintain their businesses. A study showed that Indonesian MSMEs that adopted e-commerce saw their revenue increase by more than 160%. Digitalization not only improves profitability by increasing sales and decreasing costs, it also raises productivity as work becomes more flexible.

However, although about half of the businesses increased their use of digital media, there are still challenges such as a lack of knowledge and technical expertise.

There is a need to educate MSMEs to improve their digital literacy. The Indonesian government has started several programmes, including collaborations with e-commerce and ride-hailing platforms, to support the digitalization of MSMEs. The Indonesian government hopes that these programmes would help the digital economy in Indonesia grow at an accelerated pace.

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