Development of 5G network across Indonesia

17 October 2022

Spire Consultant, Reza Luthfie, explores the development and implementation of the 5G network across Indonesia.

By 2020, 140 commercial 5G networks were in use in 59 countries. The low latency of these networks ensures smoother services with speed 10 times faster than their predecessors.

In Indonesia, the execution of the 5G network services is supported by at least eight qualified and flexible regulations. Prior to its launch in 2021, 12 trials were conducted by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics for faster and more equitable implementation of the 5G network.

The 5G network available at the G20 Digital Economy Ministers Meeting and the Fourth Digital Economy Working Group Meeting is claimed to be of an international standard owing to its super-fast speed.

5G network has a lot more advantages to offer over the other generations/networks but there is still a lot more to be addressed in terms of the infrastructure and regulations with its implementation in Indonesia.

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