Cybersecurity: Gatekeeper of National Critical Information Infrastructure

Cybersecurity-Gatekeeper of National Critical Information Infrastructure

4 August 2021
Developing Telecoms

In Developing Telecoms’ latest special report on Cybersecurity, Spire’s Senior Manager, Albertus Edy Rianto, discusses the reasons data protection is critical to a country’s information infrastructure.

News portal for telecommunications news and information in emerging markets, Developing Telecoms, produces a special report every year, with articles from various companies and experts. This year’s theme, Cybersecurity, is especially apt for this unusual time of a pandemic. Covid-19 has hastened digitalisation of almost every touch points of our lives, from government services to work to education to shopping for necessities.

In Spire’s contribution to the special report, we look at how a nation’s commitment to digital threat prevention has now become a huge subset of a country’s national security. Edy, who spent almost 10 years with Spire honing his skills in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector, discusses the relevance of securing data in this digital age, for businesses and nations alike.

When remote work became the new normal during the pandemic, having a reliable standard operating procedure (SOP) in place safeguards a company’s data and protects it against hackers and their threats. A robust Cybersecurity prevents hackers from leaking sensitive data stolen from company systems to the public, protecting the company’s reputation both digitally and non-digitally.

On the national security front, Cybersecurity is greatly influenced by the consolidated efforts and awareness of business players, the government, and service vendors. Edy lists the steps that can be implemented to increase national awareness and multi-stakeholder support in building Cybersecurity forces. He also adds that vendors play an important role in influencing the quality of national security in the growing Cybersecurity market.

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