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Merger agreement

Spire is proud to announce its merger with YAMADA Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (YBC) – a subsidiary of JASDAQ – listed under YAMADA Consulting Group, a leading independent consulting group in Japan. The merger, effective from 15 April 2016, makes Spire part of a much larger and publicly listed corporate group, which is expected to create more access to new consulting solutions, economies of scale, investment resources and synergistic business development possibilities.

YBC acquired an 80 per cent stake in Spire Research and Consulting Pte Ltd, the parent company for the Spire Research and Consulting group of companies. Leon Perera, the co-founder of Spire, will continue to serve as the CEO of the group, retaining a 20 per cent stake.

With the merger, the Spire Research and Consulting brand becomes the global brand for YBC outside of Japan.

Spire’s capabilities and Network in Japan

With the merger, Spire will be able to leverage the consulting know-how and tools developed by YBC such as corporate restructuring, M&A and business succession planning consulting. Spire also gains enhanced access to the Japanese market through YBC’s network of offices across Japan.

Yamada Business Consulting Co., Ltd or YBC was established in the year 2000. YBC provides research and consulting services in order to support overseas business decision making, primarily for Japanese companies. YBC’s services includes market research, competitor analysis, value chain analysis, regulatory and policy research, and partner selection for supplier, customer, and other business partners.

Other than research and consulting, YBC also provides support for company establishment, organizational design, and business execution, especially in the early stage of expansion.

YBC’s network is currently spread over 7 prefectures in Japan including Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Fukuoka, with its headquarters in Tokyo. YBC also has its branches and representative offices located in Singapore, China, Thailand and Malaysia.

YBC’s Research and consulting projects and its services

YBC has a large team of over 400 analysts and managers who have experience in conducting research and consulting projects across different sectors such as manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, construction, real-estate, transportation, telecommunication, finance, hospitality & food services, entertainment, medical & welfare, and so forth.

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YBC’s Consulting Services include:

1. Sustainable growth consulting

2. Business revitalization consulting

3. M&A consulting

4. Business succession consulting

5. Business overseas consulting

6. Medical & healthcare institute consulting

7. Human resources consulting

8. Group company reorganization

9. Other Consulting Solutions

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