Team Spire

Spire has developed a network of over 1,000 research associates located in 18 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific as well as emerging market regions of Russia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

This infrastructure supplements the work done by employees of Spire. Our associates give us access to a broader pool of potential interviewees by utilizing relationships gained from their industry backgrounds. They also enable us to conduct more senior-level and technically involved interviews with business respondents, enabling us to reach respondents not ordinarily accessible to our consultants.

Spire project managers would carefully select a panel of associates to work on each individual project; matching the industry backgrounds of individual associates to the requirements of each task. Thus, field research is usually handled by a team of Spire employees and associates working in concert for most of our projects. The Spire employees are responsible for methodology design, project management, quality control and report writing. The responsibility for executing interviews is shared between Spire employees and associates.

Our extensive network of research associates means we can offer you the best of both worlds: all the benefits of local knowledge and industry-specific expertise, together with the quality, timeliness, intellectual rigor and strategic understanding for which Spire is renowned.

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