Team Spire

Leon Perera: Chief Executive Officer

Leon Perera is the co-founder of the Spire Group and is currently serving as its Chief Executive Officer. In this capacity, he has overseen the delivery of over 2,000 projects to over 50 Global Fortune 1000 clients. Having accumulated 20 years of experience in emerging market research and consulting, Leon is a regular speaker at international conferences and seminars. He is frequently featured as a business commentator in regional print and television media.

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Jeffrey Bahar: Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Bahar is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Spire Group, overseeing the Spire offices in Indonesia and Malaysia. He brings to Spire an invaluable technical background in engineering and the information technology (IT) industry. He has served with Spire for 16 years.

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Japnit Singh: Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Japnit Singh is Spire’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer overseeing the firm’s Singapore and India offices. He has served with the Spire group for 12 years, having joined as a Consultant in its Singapore office. He brings to Spire his substantial experience in market eco-system analysis, and in particular multi-country market sizing, market entry studies and tracking studies.

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Dr Justin Hanse Lee:Managing Director (South Korea)

Dr Justin Hanse Lee is the Managing Director of Spire Korea. Dr Lee brings to Spire his experience in leading agro-chemicals, government and market research operations in Korea, and an outstanding academic background in agricultural science.

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Rajiv Seth: Senior Director (Go-To-Market Practice)

Rajiv Seth is Spire’s Senior Director for Go-To-Market Practices. He brings to Spire the ability to deliver high-quality solutions in the area of Go-To-Market Practice to enable businesses to grow revenue and profitability.

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