SMEs and family-owned firms

 Spire: A Partner to Medium-sized and Family-owned Enterprises

Spire Research and Consulting is proud to have served many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as family-owned companies over the past two decades.

Spire’s SME clients have been headquartered in many countries around the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Canada and Brazil.

Spire has provided customized research and consulting to SMEs and family businesses to address market entry and growth challenges, such as entering new countries and bringing new products to market.

With our cross-border consulting service, we have helped SMEs and family businesses to incorporate and start business in new countries.

With our sales lead handling service, we have enabled SMEs and family businesses find customers in new countries or new business domains with tracking and optimized sales leads.

With our business partner selection service, we have identified importers, distributors and service partners in new countries for SMEs and family businesses.

Through our market environment research engagements, we have worked with SMEs and family businesses to co-create market entry and business transformation plans, thus giving up-and-coming leaders in the enterprise concrete experience with strategic planning.

Contact us today to learn how Spire can support your mid-sized enterprise or family-owned firm’s growth journey.

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