About Spire

 Why we were founded

Spire Research and Consulting was established in 2000 to address a gap in the research and consulting industry in global emerging markets. Unlike most agencies that focus on traditional consumer research, our founders saw a profound need for holistic research projects.

These projects integrate traditional customer research with knowledge of the broader business eco-system; for instance, competitors, channels, legal and regulatory factors. They support strategic decision-making for market growth and entry. Our studies provide indispensable tools for creating business plans, setting sales quotas, quantifying budgets and investment as well as making product launch decisions.

Spire exists to undertake such projects with distinction.

Who we are

Spire is an independent firm which is majority owned by the Yamada Consulting Group, a publicly listed firm in Japan. Both companies are independent of the large, global market research agencies. That independence means that we do not push branded, cookie-cutter research solutions on our clients. Instead, we tailor each research program to deliver only what is needed for the decisions that really matter.

What we are







A spire literally refers to a tapering conical structure on the top of a building. It has a strong and sturdy base that tapers upwards towards a tiny point.

At Spire, these attributes symbolize our mission and values. We build on strong fundamentals in the form of a great team and great processes. The towering heights of excellence are attained from this solid foundation. Like the sharp pinnacle of the spire, Spire is at the leading edge in research execution and client service.

Spire’s logo is in contrasting shades of grey and orange. Grey is the color that best represents the truth. Most often, reality is neither black nor white but a shade of grey. Orange is a breath of freshness that portrays creativity and innovation.

Spire is the strategic market research firm that reports the truth to our clients – without fear or favor.


The Knowledge to Decide

The world economy is now driven by knowledge-intensive industries. The term “knowledge-intensive” is increasingly subsuming every industry. It is knowledge that confers competitive advantage in today’s economy. Our tagline reflects our commitment to being the best knowledge partner our clients can find.

Spire offers professional expertise and a deep wealth of knowledge about holistic, strategic research. Our expertise is used to create customized research that supports our clients in the areas of marketing, sales, business development and profit improvement.

Our core capabilities lie in researching the external environment that conditions our client’s business performance. Not only does Spire deliver conventional types of customer and industry research, we also provide “meta-research” and knowledge management, enabling our clients to better manage and analyze their existing data.

Who our clients are

Spire has worked with over 50 Global Fortune 1000 firms to solve strategic market growth and entry problems – with the majority of them engaging us on multiple projects and across multiple countries globally. We have also worked with government agencies located in over 15 countries to support export promotion, foreign direct investment attraction and policy formulation programs.

Where we are based

Spire’s footprint spans 18 Asia-Pacific countries as well as the global emerging market regions of Latin America, Russia/CIS/Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa – collectively, the world’s fastest growing region since 2001.

We are the only firm of our kind to be based in, and to focus primarily on, global emerging markets.

Most emerging countries have commonalities that affect research activities; such as a lack of reliable published data, a lack of transparency in industry value chains, as well as cultural and legal issues that impede access to honest customer insights.

A relentless focus on solving emerging market research challenges is a central part of who we are at Spire.

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