Consumer Financing Trends and Opportunities

January 19, 2023

ACS Financials recently held a Leaders Coordination Meeting for 20 senior leaders to learn about growing business opportunities and development plans. Spire attended the event to share information on the latest trends in the consumer financing market with the leaders.

Led by its Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey Bahar, team Spire comprised of Advisor and Brand Specialist Yogi Priyantoro, Assistant Manager Puspa Citra Anjani, and Consultant Nadhilwan Rashad. The team shared insights on the latest trends and opportunities in the consumer financing sector, focussed on the clean energy market.

Spire presented a comprehensive overview of the strategies for expanding financing business in Indonesia through market penetration. They revealed potential impact and threats, as well as the key players, and anticipated issues within various service portfolios. These valuable insights are resources for the leaders in creating their consumer segment strategies for the year ahead.

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