China’s relationship with the Pacific Island states

27 June 2022

Spire Research and Consulting Chairman, Leon Perera, shares his insights on the impact of the Pacific Island states’ closer relationship with China with ChinaDaily.

China is an important development partner for the Pacific Island countries. The Belt and Road Initiative programmes have benefitted the peoples on these islands, providing them facilities such as a new hospital in the province of Enga in Papua New Guinea. Such projects are the outcome of the bilateral collaboration, and demonstrate the friendly relationship between the countries.

One of the infrastructural concerns of the Pacific Island countries is their coastal defences against rising sea-level due to climate change. Spire’s Chairman, Leon Perera, explains how a close relationship with China benefits the Pacific Island countries, referencing China’s ties with African and central Asian states. He adds that China can offer financial support and expertise in the security field, as seen in the China-Solomon Islands security pact. And that Chinese tourists and COVID-19 support have been an asset to many countries around the globe.

To read the article on ChinaDaily, click here.

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