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STEM deepens roots in Asia

Asia has dominated the world in churning out graduates in the fields of STEM for more than a decade. China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia have seen large numbers of STEM graduates.

AI brings Education closer to the Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education has helped to create intelligent interactive programmes that enhance student learning. Exciting years are ahead as AI in education continues to evolve with experiential learning and gamification technology.

Crowdfunding: More than a Financial Tool

For many start-ups, crowdfunding also serves as a marketing tool that gathers customer feedback for product development and connects them to suppliers and retailers. As a result, many MNCs are jumping on the crowdfunding bandwagon as part of their marketing strategy.

The Challenge of The Big Quit

By some estimates, more than 40% of workers around the world considered quitting their job. The trend has come to be referred to as the “Great Resignation” or the “Big Quit”. The worst hit were the leisure, hospitality, retail and healthcare sectors.

Industries escalate war against hackers

From banks and cryptocurrency exchanges to e-commerce giants, logistics and even the news media, hackers and data thieves are hitting industries hard. Forecasts suggest that by 2025, cybercrime will rack up a toll of US$10.5 trillion annually.

Rise of the Gig Workers

The Covid-19 pandemic’s disruption of the labour market has been a strong driver of the growth of the gig economy. Notorious for its lack of regulations, gig economy workers are pressuring for better working conditions.

Automotive Sector Gears Up

The automotive sector is already recovering from the economic consequences of the pandemic, and even faster in Asia.