Category: Spirethoughts

The Global Beverage Brawl

The global beverage brawl sees that while coffee is a clear winner in Europe, tea is gaining popularity in some European countries.

Robust coffee growth in Asia

Southeast Asian countries’ embrace of both local and imported coffee brands drives the robust growth of coffee sales in the region.

Walking the Talk on Sustainability

While many agree that sustainability will add value in the long term, potential benefits may not be enough for companies to make the switch.

Pushing Green with Wallets & Votes

By supporting products and brands that are certified as environmentally friendly, we can influence organizations that impact the environment significantly.

The Feasibility of Nuclear Fusion 

Nuclear fusion generates clean energy without greenhouse gases nor high-level nuclear waste, making it a serious alternative for the power industry.

Narrowing the Digital Divide

Digital innovators’ shift toward inclusivity by trying to bridge the digital divide is further enhancing the practical benefits of digitalization.