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Multi-Country Business Matching Webinars in SEA

Multi-Country Business Matching Webinars in SEA

Spire facilitated a highly successful multi-country business matching webinar series connecting local importers and manufacturers of soy and grain products with US exporters of Identity Preserved (IP) soy and grains.

Gen Z – Engaging the future of SEA Economy

Spire Indonesia’s Country Director, Indah Muliana, in an interview with Lazada Insider on how businesses can engage Gen Z. She discusses the spending trends and behaviours of Southeast Asia’s Gen Z that could impact business strategies.

The growth of ICT business during the pandemic

The growth of ICT business during the pandemic

Albertus Edy Rianto, Senior Manager at Spire Indonesia, shares his insights on ICT landscape and what can help businesses survive and thrive during the pandemic in a webinar for the Lintasarta team.

Helping Singapore Design Companies Expand Offshore

In a series of Market Entry webinars organised by DesignSingapore Council, Spire Deputy CEO Japnit Singh was invited to share his insights on expanding into regional markets — namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Top Trends Shaping The Future of Food Industry in SEA

Spire Deputy CEO Japnit Singh goes on air with Lazada Insider to highlight key business opportunities and trends for F&B businesses in SEA. New trends are reshaping the food industry, with consumers’ online-shopping habits for the F&B sector set to stay.

The Changing Appetites of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to the world’s most prosperous Food and Beverage industry, worth US$300 billion. In the latest Spire Webinar, Spire Deputy CEO Japnit Singh, Upgrown Farming’s Lionel Wong and Thinking Forks’ Rinka Banerjee discuss how rising affluence and COVID-19 accelerated the shift in consumer tastes and preferences.

Technology and Affluence fuels Food and Beverage Sector in SEA

The Spire Food Trends 2021 study uncovers insights on consumer trends and discusses the outlook of the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry in Southeast Asia (SEA). Join Spire Deputy CEO Japnit Singh as he presents the findings of the study, and provides insights into the F&B industry alongside a panel of industry experts.

Private Security Industry: Opportunities for Digital Transformation

Moderated by Japnit Singh, Deputy CEO of Spire, the webinar discusses the ways technology can bolster the efficiency of the private security industry. Held on 28 Jan 2021, the panel comprised Imran Mohd, Spire research consultant, Ian Stewart, CEO of security software-as-a-service company Security Risk, as well as Josef Gueta, Managing Director of private security company Business Profiles Inc.