Bringing the Internet to Rural Indonesia

2 December 2022

Spire consultant, Izdihara Nur Khalisha, underlines how the villages of Indonesia are open to cooperating with the expedition of internet access meant for benefitting their community.

The internet penetration rate in Indonesia reached an impressive 77% or 210 million Indonesians by 2022. The challenge going forward is to reach the remaining 23% who resides in over 12,500 villages across the archipelagic nation.

The geographical contours of the country, such as mountains and rivers, restricts the development of physical infrastructures in the rural areas. Many in these areas also prioritize basic needs first, instead of internet connectivity, because they live below the poverty line and have low purchasing power due to the pandemic.

A study conducted by Spire shows that villages are open to any form of cooperation that would benefit their community. These include corporate and social responsibility (CSR) programmes owned by companies, infrastructure provision by internet service providers and partnerships with village-owned enterprises. To expedite internet access in these rural areas in Indonesia, the government, operators, and village communities must work together.

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