YAMADA Consulting Group

Spire is proud to announce its merger with YAMADA Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (YCG) – a leading independent consulting group in Japan and a company listed on the Prime Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The merger, effective from 15 April 2016, makes Spire part of a much larger and publicly listed corporate group, which is expected to create more access to new consulting solutions, economies of scale, investment resources and synergistic business development possibilities.

YCG acquired an 80 per cent stake in Spire Research and Consulting Pte Ltd, the parent company for the Spire Research and Consulting group of companies. Leon Perera, the co-founder of Spire, retains a 20 per cent stake and continues to serve as the Chairman of the Spire Research and Consulting group of companies. He is also the Executive Director of YCG’s Global Network Capabilities.

With the merger, the Spire Research and Consulting brand becomes the global brand for YCG outside of Japan.